DIY in the Garden

What exactly is a healthy soil? What makes a school garden successful? How to install a rain barrel? Watch these videos and webinars to find practical garden advice on how-to build and sustain a People’s Garden that’s growing healthy food, people and communities.

How-to Videos

Use Rain Barrels

Build a Mobile School Garden


Extend the Growing Season with a Hoop House
How-to Videos: Tomato ‘Abraham Lincoln’

In 2012, People's Gardens around the world grew Tomato 'Abraham Lincoln' to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of USDA’s founding. 'Abraham Lincoln' is an heirloom variety of tomato introduced in 1923 by the W. H. Buckbee seed company of Rockford, Illinois, named in honor of Illinois' Greatest Son. It is one of the great tomato classics and is excellent for making tomato juice, ketchup and slicing. 

A Message from USDA’s Founder: Abraham Lincoln

Meet our Expert Eva Worden, Ph.D

Raising Seedlings Indoors

Outdoor Planting

Several Ways of Staking

Share Your Harvest

These videos were filmed at Worden Farm, a community-oriented and certified organic farm in Southwest Florida. The advice given can be applied when growing other varieties of tomatoes not just Tomato ‘Abraham Lincoln.’




How-to Webinars: Iowa State University Partnership