ARS Rain Garden

1701 10th Av SW
PO Box 459
Mandan, ND 58554
United States
Small garden located between the sidewalk and garage, fed from 3 downspouts. Perennial herbaceous plants. Mulched with pine straw collected on station. Plastic edging around garden. Gravel accent between garden and building and sidewalk. Stilling basins (used livestock mineral pans) at each downspout to prevent erosion and washing of mulch. 1.5' thick layer of ammended soil (70% sand, 30% compost) Designed to capture 1 runoff. Entire design capacity soaks away within 1-3 hours. Featured stop for assorted onstation public tours. Removed lawn sprinklers in area as a water saving measure."

Garden Information

Garden Components

Garden Type/Components

Plant Types: 
Native Plants
Garden Types: 
Rain Garden

Community Benefits

People's Gardens can benefit communities in many ways. For example, they can be used to help raise awareness, educate the public, and provide outreach on several issues such as: healthy eating and lifestyles, natural resources conservation, cultural and intergenerational connections, sustainable agriculture, or environmental education.
raise public awareness
education site
provide outreach
improve water quality
demonstrate water conservation
improve soil health

Sustainable Practices

What practices, methods, or techniques are being used or demonstrated to help conserve and protect our natural resources?
using native species that are naturally tolerant
perennial species
using plants to attract beneficial insects
reducing or limiting the use of pesticides
using rain barrels or other structures to capture rain fall for irrigations
controlling storm water runoff