Fort Jones Community Garden

11263 North Hwy 3
Fort Jones, CA 96032
United States
Fort Jones Community Garden is a partnership between Fort Jones Elementary School, Scott Valley Focus, Klamath Permiculture Group, USFS, and is coordinated with the Town of Fort Jones. This garden is a 2 acre area that has a permeter deer fence and water system. The focus is to provide the community with an area to learn the skills of permiculture and growing local healthy food. The partners include students from Fort Jones Elementary School, and the after school program (Scott Valley Focus). The emphasis for this garden has been restoration of soils using permiculture techniques which includes mulching,mushroom inoculation, and soil rebuilding. Many permiculture training workshops occur at this garden for students and the local community. Vegetables and fruit trees are planted annually. Pumpkins are planted for harvest in the fall concluding with a childrens pumpkin carving contest.

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What practices, methods, or techniques are being used or demonstrated to help conserve and protect our natural resources?
using plants to attract beneficial insects