Smyrna Community Garden

4201 North Cooper Lake road
Smyrna, GA 30082
United States
A community garden with 95 raised beds from 5x6 to 12x13 with yearly leases to the City of Smyrna

Garden Information

Garden Components

Garden Type/Components

Plant Types: 
Garden Types: 
Vegetable Garden

Community Benefits

People's Gardens can benefit communities in many ways. For example, they can be used to help raise awareness, educate the public, and provide outreach on several issues such as: healthy eating and lifestyles, natural resources conservation, cultural and intergenerational connections, sustainable agriculture, or environmental education.
raise public awareness
education site
provide a space for recreation or leisure

Sustainable Practices

What practices, methods, or techniques are being used or demonstrated to help conserve and protect our natural resources?
perennial species
using plants to attract beneficial insects
reducing or limiting the use of pesticides
using companion planting or interplanting
rotating crops to reduce the risks of pest and disease outbreaks
controlling erosion