Share Your Story and Harvest

Student proudly holding plant at Powell Elementary School in Washington, DC

Share Your Story and Harvest

Spread the Word

Now that your garden project is up and running, let everyone know! Register your garden if you haven’t already and be sure to update an existing People’s Garden profile by logging into the database as it grows.

Your garden can very easily gain support from local residents and benefit the well-being of your larger community if you hold public events and welcome visitors.


Here are some ideas and ways to share your garden space, story and harvest:
  • Host a potluck to bring people together. Encourage conversation by asking families to bring dishes that were passed down by relatives, or are meaningful to them in some way.

  • Invite a local chef to teach a cooking class with what’s in season

  • Arrange a plant, insect or weed identification walk.

  • Organize a Community Clean-Up Day. Partner with a local environmental or volunteer organization, and offer your garden as a meeting or end point.

  • Advertise a CSA night, where locals can tour the garden and learn if participating in a community-supported agriculture program is right for them.

  • Start a blog for your garden, or send out a weekly newsletter with updates, pictures, and events.

  • Make use of social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach out to supporters near and far. Share successes and glean inspiration.


What to do with everything you’re growing?